Castellón, June 17, 2018, the LIFE STO3RE project is presented at the Symposium of Microcontaminants organized by the Novedar network, held in Santiago de Compostela on June 14th and 15th. Elena Zuriaga, coordinator of the LIFE STO3RE project, participated with the paper "Study of the degradation of emerging pollutants in sludge and slurry by anaerobic digestion in a double temperature phase combined with ozonation", commenting on the main results obtained. The microcontaminant analyzes have been carried out by the IPROMA laboratory throughout the 3 years of project execution. The study, which has been carried out in different stages through the LIFE STO3RE project, has evaluated the degradation of the 9 mircrocontaminants, preselected by means of a screening carried out on the mixture of sludge and slurry, along the anaerobic digestion in double stage. In addition, the effect of cavitation and ozonation on their degradation has been studied. The values ​​obtained have been compared with conventional anaerobic digestion to corroborate the effectiveness of the process.